Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Feel My Way Around" by Rose Blanket feat. Jennifer Charles

Jennifer Charles was born in Washington, D.C.. While Charles was growing up, her mother was a torch singer in Washington D.C. clubs and her father had a radio show that played jazz. At the age of 14 she began her professional theatre career, appearing in plays and experimental theater productions at places like The Studio and The Source theaters.
In 1987, she moved to New York to continue her theatre and academic studies, receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts from N.Y.U.'s Tisch school in just three years. Upon graduating she appeared in various off-broadway theater, had a stint singing in a dive piano bar and curated a performance/poetry series at the original Knitting Factory. She has also curated at Tonic, DJed in Paris, and most recently at John Zorn's The Stone in December 2008.
Elysian Fields was founded in 1995 and have released five full length records (six counting one produced by Steve Albini that was suppressed). They have also contributed to many compilation CDs, including the first song on John Zorn's Serge Gainsbourg tribute album. This song, their rendition of "Les Amours Perdues", also appeared in Lea Pool's film Emporte Moi.


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