Friday, September 30, 2011

The Answering Machine - My Little Navy

The band formed in October 2005 at the University of Manchester. Martin and Pat wrote songs together in their final year at university, and Gemma joined on bass shortly afterwards. Their first gig was at Retro Bar in Manchester on the 1st March 2006. The band played as a 3-piece (Martin, Pat and Gemma) until August 2007. Until this point they used a drum machine called Mustafa Beat.
The Answering Machine released their first single, "Oklahoma" on 16 October 2006 through High Voltage Sounds. The single was limited to 500 vinyl copies, and sold out in 2 days. Second Single, "Silent Hotels" was released with High Voltage Sounds on the 18th June 2007. The single was again limited to 500 vinyl copies. They released their third single, "Lightbulbs" on the 5th November 2007 with Regal Records. The band released their single "Cliffer" in March 2009 with Heist Or Hit Records.
The Answering Machine announced they were disbanding on May 16, 2011.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Khancoban - Limbs May Fall

khancoban are: Andre Hooke (vocals, guitar), Jemima Hooke (drums), Lucas Barbuto (bass, stealing chips), Andrew Bonnici (guitar, lap steel), Jim Patterson (keys, vocals, drums).
khancoban have existed in various forms since mid 2004, originally starting as a duo of husband and wife Andre Hooke (lead vocals, guitar) and Jemima Hooke (drums); Andrew Bonnici quickly joined (lap steel, electric guitar, banjo) soon after and since then some others have come and gone. Jim Patterson and Lucas Barbuto joined the group at the end of 2008.
khancoban have just released their new album, titled Arches Over The Sun on vinyl, CD, and download through Departed Sounds/Other Tongues. It was produced by Nick Huggins and mastered by Casey Rice.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beirut- The Shrew

Beirut is an American band which was originally the solo musical project of Santa Fe, New Mexico native Zachary Francis Condon, and later expanded into a band. Their first performances were in New York in May 2006, to support the release of their debut album, Gulag Orkestar. The music combines elements of Eastern European and Balkan folk with Western pop music, fusing the American mainstream and indie-rock culture and the World Music market.
In early June 2011, amidst touring the US, Beirut announced that their newest album, The Rip Tide, which had been recorded the previous winter in New York, was to be released on August 30.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Figurines - We Got Away

Figurines is an indie rock band from Denmark, formed in the mid-1990s. The band released their first EP, The Detour, in 2001 and their first full-length album, Shake a Mountain, in 2004. The band began to receive national attention in Denmark around the time of the full-length release, and began touring Germany in 2003. Their second full-length, Skeleton, was released in 2005 on Danish label Morningside Records and German label Pop-U-Loud, and on US label The Control Group in 2006.
The band began a North American tour after being nominated for a Canadian Music Week Indie award and has since performed at the Indies ceremony, SXSW, KEXP, and in cities in the US, Canada, and Europe. The band has also received positive press from Pitchfork Media, The New York Times, and Spin, among others. Figurines's sound has been most often compared to that of Pavement, Modest Mouse, and Built to Spill.
The band released their third record When the Deer Wore Blue in 2007 with Chicago-based co-producer/engineer Jeremy Lemos, who has worked with Smog, Jim O'Rourke, Loose Fur, and many other Windy City acts in the past. The new material is more psychedelic than previous efforts, but remains faithful to the melodic-pop sounds of Skeleton and Shake a Mountain on several tracks, including "Hey, Girl", the first single from the record.
In 2010 they released their 4th record titled "Figurines".


Monday, September 26, 2011

Jesca Hoop - Snowglobe

Jesca Ada Hoop is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist from Northern California, who writes and performs in diverse musical styles, under the initial encouragement and guidance of her former employer, musician Tom Waits.
Hoop was born in Northern California to Mormon parents. She grew up singing traditional folk tunes in four part harmony. She broke away from her background, becoming a homesteader in the wilderness areas of Northern California and Wyoming. She also worked in the remote mountains of Arizona with a rehabilitation program for children.
In June 2010, she contributed the song "Angel Mom" to the Enough Project and Downtown Records' Raise Hope for Congo compilation. Proceeds from the compilation fund efforts to make the protection and empowerment of Congo’s women a priority, as well as inspire individuals around the world to raise their voice for peace in Congo.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Other Lives - Old Statues

Other Lives is an American indie rock band from Stillwater, Oklahoma. The band formed in 2004 as Kunek and released one album in 2006 under that name. Other Lives' self-titled album was released physically April 7, 2009 by TBD Records and digitally March 17, 2009. The album was recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Joey Waronker. The lead single "Black Tables" was featured on the 16th episode of season three, "Things Fall Apart" of the television show Ugly Betty, the first episode of season five, "In the Light" of the television show "Covert Affairs", Dream a Little Dream of Me, Part 1 of the television show Grey's Anatomy. and the episode Every Picture Tells A Story of the television show One Tree Hill. As of February, 2011, Other Lives finished working on their new record titled Tamer Animals that is due out on May 10, 2011 in the USA and August 29, 2011 in UK/Europe.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

RADIOHEAD - From The Basement

Radiohead are an English rock band from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, formed in 1985. The band consists of Thom Yorke (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Jonny Greenwood (guitars, keyboards, other instruments), Ed O'Brien (guitars, backing vocals), Colin Greenwood (bass, synthesisers) and Phil Selway (drums, percussion).
Radiohead released their debut single "Creep" in 1992. The song was initially unsuccessful, but it became a worldwide hit several months after the release of their debut album, Pablo Honey (1993). Radiohead's popularity rose in the United Kingdom with the release of their second album, The Bends (1995). Radiohead's third album, OK Computer (1997), propelled them to greater international fame. Featuring an expansive sound and themes of modern alienation, OK Computer is often acclaimed as the landmark record of the 1990s.
In July 2011, a number of television channels around the world debuted a taped live performance of the From the Basement series, featuring Radiohead and Deamer performing every song from The King of Limbs, as well as "The Daily Mail" and the previously released live performance of "Staircase".


Friday, September 23, 2011

Cake - Got To Move

Cake is an American alternative rock band from Sacramento, California. Consisting of singer John McCrea, trumpeter Vince DiFiore, guitarist Xan McCurdy, bassist Gabe Nelson and drummer Paulo Baldi, the band has been noted for McCrea's sarcastic lyrics and deadpan voice, DiFiore's trumpet parts, and their wide-ranging musical influences, including country music, Mariachi, rock, funk, Iranian folk music and hip-hop.
Cake was formed in 1991 by McCrea, DiFiore, Greg Brown, Frank French and Shon Meckfessel, who soon left and was replaced by Nelson. Following the self-release of its debut album, Motorcade of Generosity, the band was signed to Capricorn Records in 1995 and released its first single, "Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle", which hit number 35 on the Modern Rock Tracks music chart and was featured on MTV's 120 Minutes; French and Nelson then left the band, and were replaced by Todd Roper and Victor Damiani.
After creating its own label, Upbeat Records, the band released Showroom of Compassion in 2011, which became its first album to debut at the top of the Billboard charts, selling 44,000 copies in the first week after release.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lüüp - Cream Sky

The project Lüüp came to life in 2007 and is an international project, with collaborations/contributions from musicians from different countries, supervised by Stelios Romaliadis.
The debut album "Distress Signal Code" was released in 2008, receiving airplay from radio stations around the world including BBC 6 music (Tom Robinson, Stuart Maconie), SOMA FM, RADIO RUSSIA and more. The track "through your woods" is also featured on the 9th compilation of Dimitris Papaspyropoulos "Turning Point".
Lüüp is working on a new album, which is called "Meadow Rituals" and has many friends contributing to. It will be released in March 2011 by Experimedia (US).
Stelios Romaliadis was born in 1981 in Athens. He studied flute mainly with Sofia Mavrogenidou and he is very happy about it! He is a member of the band Yellow Elephant Ensemble.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Russian Red - Loving Strangers

Russian Red is the pseudonym of Lourdes Hernández (Madrid, 1985), indie and folk singer-songwriter.
Known by many as the Spanish Feist, in reference to the Canadian singer-songwriter who inspires her in many of her attitudes on the microphone, Hernández—who writes and sings all of her compositions in English—states that she sings in that language instinctively because she has always listened to music in English. Her voice and performing style are also reminiscent of the childlike and simple, poetic approach utilized by California singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom.
With the release of her first album "I love your glasses" Russian red became well-known and popular in Spain. In late 2010, Russian Red signed with Octubre of Sony Music Spain. In May 2011, she released her second album "Fuerteventura." At the same time, she toured in Asia including China, Taiwan and Korea. She also published a duet with Elvis Presley of his song "Love me tender" in the special Spanish edition of the album "Viva Elvis". "Fuerteventura" was recorded in Glasgow with producer Tony Doogan (Belle & Sebastian, David Byrne, Mogwai).


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fuzzy Lights - Obscura

Formed in 2004 as an improvising duo, Fuzzy Lights are now a five piece band. Combining folk purity with psychedelic guitar noise, their reverb-soaked music found a dedicated following with the late-2008 release of their debut album 'A Distant Voice'.
After touring in the first half of 2009, they released an EP, 'Helm', written and recorded in 4 days in a barn in the heart of the Lake District.
They returned last August with their highly-anticipated second album 'Twin Feathers' –which received 4 out of 5 reviews in Mojo('Underground Album of the Month'), Uncut and Artrocker and featured across 6Music shows (Guy Garvey, Gideon Coe, Tom Robinson & Tom Ravenscroft).
The band played End Of The Road Festival in September and are now working on material for their next album.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Asking Price

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks is a rock band consisting of Stephen Malkmus, Mike Clark, Joanna Bolme, and Jake Morris. Malkmus was the main singer and songwriter behind the influential 1990s indie rock band Pavement.
The Jicks formed in 2000, almost immediately after Pavement's 1999 "hiatus" began. The group's first record - which had a working title of Swedish Reggae - was simply called Stephen Malkmus. It was released by Matador Records on February 13, 2001. At least a few of the songs were proposed Pavement songs before the group disbanded.
The band's fourth studio album, Real Emotional Trash, was recorded at SnowGhost Music in Whitefish, Montana, and released on March 4, 2008 to generally positive reviews. While Malkmus spent much of 2010 on tour with Pavement, the band completed recording on their fifth album Mirror Traffic with Beck Hansen. Prior to the release, Janet Weiss' departure from the Jicks lineup was announced. Her place was to be taken by ex-Joggers drummer Jake Morris.


Sunday, September 18, 2011


Eddie Vedder (born Edward Louis Severson III; December 23, 1964) is an American musician and singer-songwriter who currently serves as the lead vocalist and one of four guitarists for the American alternative rock band Pearl Jam. Vedder left the Southern California music scene and moved to Seattle, Washington in 1990 to join Pearl Jam where he rose to fame amid the grunge movement of the early 1990s. He is notable for his baritone vocal style, and widely considered a cultural icon of alternative rock.
He is also involved in soundtrack work and contributes to albums by other artists. In 2007, Vedder released his first solo album as a soundtrack for the film Into the Wild (2007). His second album, Ukulele Songs, along with a live DVD titled Water on the Road, was released on 31 May 2011.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ra Ra Riot - You And I Know

Ra Ra Riot is an American indie rock band from Syracuse, New York, consisting of vocalist Wes Miles, bassist Mathieu Santos, guitarist Milo Bonacci, cellist Alexandra Lawn, violinist Rebecca Zeller, and drummer Kenny Bernard. Ra Ra Riot formed in January 2006, playing at houses and venues around the Syracuse University campus. They recorded a demo in February 2006 titled My Favorite Cat. The band started to attract attention due to their energetic live shows, enough to gain an appearance at the CMJ Music Marathon, fewer than six months after their formation. Following this appearance, their live show received the first of several favorable reviews from, who called them "one of the best young bands we've heard in a really long time". In January 2011, Ra Ra Riot were nominated for The 10th Annual Independent Music Awards under the Pop/Rock Album category for The Orchard.  


Friday, September 16, 2011

Applause - Road to nowhere

They appeared from out of nowhere, yet within a year Applause have managed to carve out a niche for themselves on the Parisian scene. Their first EP, including the impeccable single Lighthouse, was a frequent feature on the airwaves and created some ripples in the music press. The Franco-Belgian group, who are based in Brussels but formed in Paris, have hit on a winning combination, with a superb lead voice that some liken to Jeff Buckley, resplendent compositions that sit between white soul and hot rock, and a sprinkling of mystery. The group’s French singer Nicolas looks back: "The group started in 2006 after a concert by Néry (Ed’s note: former singer with Les VRP) at La Maroquinerie. His musicians were looking for a singer for a new project and I was looking for a group. It was perfect timing."


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fink - Save It For Somebody Else

Fink, AKA Fin Greenall, is an English singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and DJ from St. Ives, currently based in Brighton. Since 2006, the name Fink has also referred to the recording and touring trio fronted by Greenall himself, completed by Guy Whittaker (bass) and Tim Thornton (drums). Fink is signed to independent record label Ninja Tune Records. Greenall is also a sought-after songwriter for other artists, having most recently written for John Legend, and Ximena Sarinana.
Fink was born 1972 in Cornwall and grew up in Bristol. Fink's household was a musical one as his father was a folk musician and his mother was a music manager. As a teen and during his career's early years, Fink listened to house, acid jazz, Orbital and The Orb, which he described as a generational thing. He earned his degree in History and English in Leeds and signed with Kikin' Records, as EVA, shortly thereafter. Fink's musical background began with remixes, DJ sets and electronic hip hop. He also worked as a club promoter in London.
Fink's recording career began with Ninja Tune's release of his debut album Fresh Produce in 2000, a well received chill-out set that fitted neatly with the output of the label. However, it was his second release, 2006's Biscuits For Breakfast, that defined his style and began to bring his name to a wider audience. He became the label's first traditional singer/songwriter.
A fifth full-length Fink album, Perfect Darkness, was released through Ninja Tune on June 13, 2011.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mercury Rev - Holes

Mercury Rev is an American alternative rock group, that formed in the late 1980s in Buffalo, New York. Original personnel were David Baker (vocals), Jonathan Donahue (vocals, guitars), Sean Mackowiak, a.k.a. "Grasshopper" (guitars, clarinet), Suzanne Thorpe (flute), Dave Fridmann (bass) and Jimy Chambers (drums).
With their early records, Mercury Rev offered experimental, psychedelic rock, which gradually shifted to a melodic, ornate sound. Mercury Rev is often compared to The Flaming Lips, and in fact share close ties: soon after the band's formation, Donahue also joined the Flaming Lips as second guitarist and appeared on two of their albums; and since the 1990 album In a Priest Driven Ambulance, Dave Fridmann has co-produced every Flaming Lips studio album to date except 1993's Transmissions from the Satellite Heart.
Despite considerable critical acclaim, their early releases never gave Mercury Rev more than cult popularity, though they appeared on the smaller second stage at some 1993 Lollapalooza stops. Baker left after their second record, Boces (1993), citing musical and personal disputes; he later recorded an album as Shady. With his departure, the darker, more experimental and less accessible features of their music began to disappear.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rilo Kiley - Does He Love You?

Rilo Kiley (pronounced /ˈraɪloʊ ˈkaɪliː/ ry-loh ky-lee) were an American indie rock band based in Los Angeles. Formed in 1998, the band consisted of Jenny Lewis, Blake Sennett, Pierre de Reeder, and Jason Boesel.
The group released their debut album Take-Offs and Landings under Seattle-based independent label Barsuk Records in 2001. Since then, they have released three additional studio albums and several EPs. In 2007, they were signed with major record label Warner Bros., and consequently made their major record label debut Under the Blacklight.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Boys and Frogs - "Heir To Stares"

Phoenix, Arizona band, Boys and Frogs has been creating music since their conception in January, 2009. Being disconcerted with their previous bands, founding members Michael Alexander and Carissa Encinas decided to assemble a group. With the addition of third member, Daniel Seckler, they began recording and playing live music immediately.
Only months after forming, these self-produced recordings were released as "In Desperate Need of a Car Crash" in November, 2009. The diverse styles each member contributes to Boys and Frogs may explain why their fans have a difficult time categorizing the band into a genre.
Boys and Frogs has been compared to artists such as David Bowie, The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, and The Beach Boys to sounds such as The Smiths, Vampire Weekend, MGMT, and The Format. These sounds, combined, bring you a musical style that has never before been created.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Austra - "Darken Her Horse"

Austra is a Canadian New Wave band, fronted by singer-songwriter Katie Stelmanis.
The band, also featuring Stelmanis' former Galaxy bandmate Maya Postepski and former Spiral Beach bassist Dorian Wolf, played a number of early shows under the name Private Life before learning that another band was already using the name; they subsequently chose Katie's middle name Austra, from the goddess of light in Latvian mythology. Austra's touring lineup includes twin back-up singers Sari and Romy Lightman of Tasseomancy and Ryan Wosniak of Ze and the Boyfriends.
Austra's debut album Feel it Break was released May 13, 2011 on Domino Records (Ex Canada) / Paper Bag Records. On June 16, 2011, Feel it Break was named as a longlisted nominee for the 2011 Polaris Music Prize. The album was subsequently named to the Polaris Prize shortlist.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bat For Lashes - The Big Sleep feat. Scott Walker (Two Suns)

Natasha Khan (born 25 October 1979), also known by her stage name Bat for Lashes, is an English musician. She sings and plays the piano, bass, guitar, harpsichord and the autoharp.
Khan's debut album, Fur and Gold, released in 2006, peaked at number forty-eight on the UK Album Chart and was shortlisted for the 2007 Mercury Prize. In 2008, Khan picked up two BRIT Award nominations for Best Breakthrough Artist and Best Female Solo Artist.
Khan’s second album, Two Suns, released in 2009, and produced by Natasha Khan and David Kosten, reached number five on the UK Album Chart and number seventeen on the Irish Album Chart. In preparation for the album, Khan journeyed to the Joshua Tree Desert in California to gain inspiration, before returning to New York and London to write and record the finished material for release. It produced her first UK top forty single, "Daniel", and was shortlisted for the 2009 Mercury Prize. Khan was nominated Best Female Solo Artist at 2010 BRIT Awards.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Micachu & The Shapes - Low Dogg

Levi formed a band called The Shapes, which includes Raisa Khan on keyboards and Marc Pell on drums. They signed to Accidental Records who released their debut single "Lone Ranger" in May 2008, followed by "Golden Phone" in August 2008. With the Shapes, Levi's focus has been on experimental pop music. Most of this music prominently features an acoustic half-guitar with various non-standard tunings, extensive distortion, and use of noise and found-object elements, as well as occasionally unusual time signatures. Despite these experimental leanings, the artist categorizes her output with The Shapes as pop music.
Their debut album, Jewellery, produced by influential electronic musician Matthew Herbert, was recorded around Mica's composition studies at Guildhall School. Advance copies of the record reached the press in early 2009, and generated positive feedback. In the wake of this growing buzz, Micachu and the Shapes were signed to Rough Trade, who released Jewellery on 9 March 2009. Drowned In Sound consequently hailed the record as "thrillingly improbable pop made by a grade-A maverick." The album was strongly-tipped to be nominated for 2009's Mercury Prize.
Its omission from the shortlist sparked widespread criticism, perhaps best summed up by the Guardian: "but what about...Micachu and the Shapes, and all the others we were convinced would make the grade?"[4] Mica has stated herself that she never expected to be nominated, even saying that "I’m not totally behind that record".
The band performed with the London Sinfonietta at Kings Place, London in May 2010 and in March 2011 released the live recording as their second full-length album, "Chopped and Screwed". Unlike their previous effort, the recording largely avoids pop sensibilities in favor of a slower, more ambient style and repetitive, dischordant string arrangements. The band have been chosen by Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel to perform at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival that he will curate in December 2011 in Minehead, England.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Real Tuesday Weld - Ruth, Roses and Revolvers

The Real Tuesday Weld are a British band, fronted by lead singer and founder Stephen Coates. They are known for producing jazzy cabaret-style music with subtle electronica influences, a style dubbed "antique beat" by Coates. They have six albums, several singles and eps and many tracks on compilations. Their combination of big band jazz era sounds with beats has been influential on the current range of 'electro-swing' artists and djs.
The band is named after American film actress Tuesday Weld. Coates once had a dream involving Weld and '30s vocalist Al Bowlly. Coates and others often cite the dream as inspiration for the band and its particular style.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Destroyer - "Foam Hands"

Destroyer is a Canadian indie rock band fronted by singer-songwriter Dan Bejar.
Daniel Bejar is an independent singer-songwriter from Vancouver who formed Destroyer in 1995. He self-produced his first album, the lo-fi We'll Build Them a Golden Bridge, which was recorded at his in home studio in Vancouver. As Bejar gained popularity within the Vancouver music scene, he was joined by John Collins on City of Daughters and Destroyer formally became a band. In 2000, the band broke up and Bejar took an extended vacation in Spain.
Following his brief break from Destroyer, he returned to Vancouver to release Thief in 2000. Interpreted by many critics as an indictment of the music industry, this album brought Destroyer significant recognition.
Following Thief's release, Bejar put more focus into his music, beginning his music contributions to The New Pornographers. After the 2001 release of Streethawk: A Seduction on Misra Records, Destroyer picked up something of a cult following. Having the band Frog Eyes play back-up for several shows inspired Notorious Lightning & Other Works, a reworking of six tracks from the previous album Your Blues with Frog Eyes once again as back-up.
Destroyer continued its sonic development with 2006's Destroyer's Rubies, 2008's Trouble in Dreams, the 2009 EP Bay of Pigs, and 2011's full-length Kaputt.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thomas Bergersen - Hurt

Thomas J. Bergersen is the co-founder of a trailer music production company called Two Steps From Hell and has written music for several high profile trailers. In May 2010, he and his business partner, Nick Phoenix released an album called Invincible, featuring some of his most popular tracks including 'Freedom Fighters', 'Moving Mountains', 'Heart of Courage' etc.
In 2011 a sound track produced solo by Thomas Bergersen was released. It is called Illusions.


Monday, September 5, 2011

The Decemberists - Sons and Daughters

The Decemberists are an indie folk rock band from Portland, Oregon, United States, fronted by singer/songwriter Colin Meloy. The other members of the band are Chris Funk (guitar, multi-instrumentalist), Jenny Conlee (hammond organ, accordion, melodica, piano, keyboards, harmonica), Nate Query (bass guitar, string bass), and John Moen (drums, backing vocals, melodica, guitar).
The band's debut EP, 5 Songs, was self-released in 2001. Their sixth full-length album, The King Is Dead, was released on 14 January 2011, by Capitol Records. It was the band's third record with the label.
In addition to their lyrics, which often focus on historical incidents and/or folklore, The Decemberists are also well known for their eclectic live shows. Audience participation is often a part of each performance, typically during encores. The band stages whimsical reenactments of sea battles and other centuries-old events, typically of regional interest, or acts out songs with members of the crowd. During their European tour in the winter of 2010, the band performed The Mariner's Revenge Song at the conclusion of each date. The audience was encouraged to scream as if they were being consumed by a whale mentioned in the track's narrative while the band pretended to die on stage.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Laurie Anderson - Another day in America

Laura Phillips "Laurie" Anderson (born 5 June 1947) is an influential American experimental performance artist, composer and musician who plays violin and keyboards and sings in a variety of experimental music and art rock styles. Initially trained as a sculptor, Anderson did her first performance-art piece in the late 1960s. Throughout the 1970s, Anderson did a variety of different performance-art activities. She became widely known outside the art world in 1981 when her single "O Superman" reached number two on the UK pop charts. She also starred in and directed the 1986 concert film Home of the Brave.
Anderson is a pioneer in electronic music and has invented several devices that she has used in her recordings and performance art shows. In 1977, she created a tape-bow violin that uses recorded magnetic tape on the bow instead of horsehair and a magnetic tape head in the bridge. In the late 1990s, she developed a talking stick, a six-foot-long baton-like MIDI controller that can access and replicate different sounds.
Anderson married singer/songwriter and guitarist Lou Reed in 2008.
In February 2010, Laurie Anderson premièred a new theatrical work, entitled Delusion, at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. This piece was commissioned by the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad and the Barbican Centre, London.
In May/June 2010, Anderson curated the Vivid Sydney festival in Sydney, Australia together with Lou Reed. Her new album Homeland was released on June 22.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jolie Holland - Old Fashioned Morphine

Jolie Holland (born September 11, 1975 in Houston, Texas) is an American singer and performer who combines elements of folk, traditional, country, rock, jazz, and blues. She is one of the founding members of The Be Good Tanyas.
ANTI- labelmates Tom Waits and Sage Francis are both outspoken fans of Holland's: Waits nominated her for the Shortlist music prize while Francis has said that Holland's album Escondida was his most listened to album of 2005. Holland collaborated with Francis on two tracks on his album Human the Death Dance.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Austra - The Noise

AUSTRA is Katie Stelmanis, Maya Postepski and Dorian Wolf. The debut of AUSTRA comes at the end of a long line for the bands principle songwriter Katie Stelmanis. AUSTRA represents the musical progression of almost 10 years of performing as an artist, fleshed out by a full band. More settled and dominant than ever, the AUSTRA sound represents all of Katie’s influences tightened into a shiny metal ball - pianos give way to keyboards as songs build and pull, their urgent dark melodies arpeggiating and multiplying through an army of synthesizers, wrapping themselves around Katie’s astounding voice.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Barbie Hatch - Stars

Barbie Hatch first gained attention as a guest vocalist on the track “Way Down” by N.A.S.A., appearing alongside RZA and John Frusciante, and performing live at a handful of shows with the electronic dance group in 2009 and 2010. In late 2010 Barbie returned and performed on the N.A.S.A. track “I Wanna be Your Lover” on the remix album The Big Bang alongside the artist Maximum Hedrum.
Barbie’s earliest collaborations were with the Canadian Hip Hop artists Swollen Members, appearing on their 2006 and 2009 releases Black Magic and Armed to the Teeth, respectively.
Both the N.A.S.A. and Swollen Members collaborations were produced by Squeak E. Clean, and it was at his studio that she met her collaborators Brent Nichols and Koool G. Murder. Nichols and Murder co-produced Barbie’s debut solo release Hypertrophic Heart, which was a result of two years of intermittent stints in the studio between paid sessions. It was, in more ways than one, a labor of love.
Barbie currently lives with a sailor in Venice, California.
Hypertrophic Heart is being released by Spectrophonic Sound on June 28, 2011.